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That lady

18. března 2009 v 19:34 | Kajda |  Texty-AJ
That lady next 2 ma door
Said I'm a frustrated, growing teenager
She asked me if I have
Any emotional problems
And if I am
Trying to be rebel
I'm sorry dear lady
It's the way I am
U don't like me?
Then just fuck off!
She said that rudeness
Is making her heart beat stop!


U said It's not real
But U don't know me at all
How come I'm so fake to you?
Without your pressure I'd be different!(2X)

I'm tried of messing wid' that guy
God he is so hard
I'll never get to know him
Coz he's not the one that rly cares
I went to the doctor
He said I'm mental sick!
I went to my grandma
She said
Child give me a break
So I sat there just alone
And told myself
Hey U be proud coz Ur
Different than everybody else

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